Pheromone Connection

Some time ago I was sitting with my Russian model lover when she received a phone call from a very rich and handsome man who had been pursuing her for months using natural pheromone seduction. “Look Katya, I know you don’t have classes tonight, so I booked a table at the best restaurant in the city for us.” She replied politely, “No thank you. I’m not interested in your money.” “You should really give me a chance,” he said, clearly frustrated. ‘‘I’m a very successful guy and I can give you anything you want with VNO human pheromones.” “Call me when you have enough money to buy a country. Good bye.” Allow me to introduce myself. I’m James Marshall, Australia’s best pheromone coach and the world’s best Natural Seducer (as voted at the World PUA Summit in Hollywood 2011). Learn more at I have never had much money, I’m not from a powerful family, I’ve never set foot in an expensive hotel or casino and I have never even owned a car. Despite this I am unusually successful with beautiful highly sought after women. I have dated models, actresses, dancers, Doctors, scientists, writers you name it, from all over the world and I can tell you I have not once taken a girl to an expensive restaurant. In this introductory book, I will attempt to share with you some of my secrets and ideas that have made this possible. Some of it is common sense, some of it seems counter intuitive and goes against everything you may have been taught. So keep an open mind and read on…and learn how human pheromones can help you attract more women. No. These things are almost never mentioned in the top 5. They answer consistently, from China to Latvia with the following: Pheromone Confidence. Style. Decisiveness or leadership. Passion and an ability to connect emotionally with real pheromones. Secondly, he tried to buy her affection and prove his value by flashing his money. Sure, these people usually end up with a partner in a similar situation but they are never going to be great lovers who ignite passion and danger in their pheromone partners. You can’t fake this, it is in your eyes. If you are someone who is lacking passion for life then perhaps you will need to look carefully at your lifestyle, maybe make some drastic changes to step out of your comfort zone and pursue something that truly inspires you. James runs a Natural pheromones seduction coaching consultancy based in Melbourne and Prague, called “The Natural Lifestyles”. He and his trainers offer personalised and group workshops worldwide; instructing men on all aspects of style, body language, lifestyle design, confidence, dating and seduction. For more information on their services and methods, check out: his pheromone methods. Ask yourself, “What is causing me to feel this way?” and “What will happen if this thought comes true?” Record all instances of anxiety producing situations, your primary, and meta-thoughts. For example: You’re feeling anxiety when you decide you want to go over and talk to a group of girls. Ask yourself, “Why am I feeling anxiety?” “I don’t know what to say.” [The thought] Okay. You don’t know what to say. What will happen if you approach anyway? “I’ll look stupid and she or the group will laugh at me.” Learn more at